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UNIFI - New website, same sh*t

Dear bloggie,

The year 2018 started out for me with the normal level of *excellence* one can ALWAYS expected from Malaysia's BEST ISP TMNUT... No Internet... God knows how or why I was blessed with no internet/telephone line for a good 2-3 days on the first day of 2018 (2018 virus maybe?)

And now, despite "reconnecting" my internet line... I been experiencing garbage level internet speed.

How garbage ur ask?

A 10Mbps speed line become a 4+Mbps... and tested against a local server... Awesomeness...

While the world move forward towards AI and VR... Malaysia is unfortunately still stuck with our shitty lazy monopolizer ISP... If they got the $$$ to update their website (and wipe out all previous customer login users from their previous website), I suggest they blow it on improving their infrastructure to provide Malaysian's with more "reliable" internet service...

As a so called "developed" nation, our average Internet Speed sadly lags behind so many countries (and not to mention reliability for consistent speed is garbage)

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Beauty and the Beast - Contemporary vs Classic

Dear bloggie,

When I was once a LONG time ago a 7 years old kid, I had 3 VCR cartoon tapes which was I watch over and over and over through my childhood days....

One was "Transformer the Movie". The short scene below in the movie has more badass action that puts to shame any shit Michael Bay can blow up throughout all the 5-8 movies he butchered...

The second one was "Ultraman Joe". The Ultraman with star on his chest

And finally the third was "Beauty & The Beast". I watched other old school animation movies like Alladin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Land before Time, Mulan, Pocahontas, etc... but the one musical song that tops the list was "Tale as old as time"

While I'm a fan of Emma Watson, but after watching the modern take this classic song:

Two words sums up the modern version... "No Feeling'. Don't believe me? Check out the original duet by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson

For such as romantic song, the modern take tempo's just a tad too fast to capture the feeling of "love that capable of transcending time itself". To end this entry, here's the classical and iconic scene from the original sung by Angela Lansbury (aka Mrs Teapot)...

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Purpose of thinking

Dear bloggie,

To teach is to learn. Hence these are my slides based on my understanding of "the purpose we think" by Edward De Bono, enjoy:

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Into 2016

Dear bloggie,

Time flies... noes?

I always get this feeling especially when at the start of the new year. I feel it's because I have the tendency to review what I done within this year and when I review it, I tend to relive the whole year and having that 1 year experience flashes through you mind in a couple of minutes tend to make it feel as a year flies... Theory of relativity?

Anyway, time to look at the past and present so I can plan for the future...

2015 new year resolutions

  • Visit Japan - Yes, I finally set foot upon the land of the rising sun 
  • Write a short novel - Nope
  • Achieve 15% body fat at minimum body weight 65 kg - Nope
  • Run 3 10K runs - Nope, but I did ran a 21K in the Penang
  • Build/Program a game - Nope
  • Land 1 date - Nope
  • Visit Penang - Yes, not once but twice
  • Update my English slang vocabulary - Nope
  • Go on a juicing diet - Nope
  • Try out 3 new hobbies - Nope
So overall, an epic failure in terms of new year resolution. I blame most of it due to busy work schedule. I guess in terms of project wise, my team got roped in 4 different projects this year. I had to lead one of them which I have to say is perhaps my most stress project I ever done, mainly because I had to play so many roles: requirement gatherer, scrum master, tech lead, mentor, troubleshooter, developer... I learnt I need to be more cautious and make sure the responsibilities that is assigned to me is defined properly and bodes well with me before I say "ok". And if I don't agree or like the responsibility, just say "no". 

Unexpected surprises this year? I got send by my company to Hong Kong for 1 week for training. The trade off, my work schedule no longer abide the normal 9-5 rule as I have to follow a more shift like schedule. I expected to maybe have maybe 1-2 days less interaction with the team members but instead find myself working extra on weekends and public holidays, mainly because it's hard for me to find a replacement day for the weekend or public holiday I worked on. I feel the over burnt feeling on a rather frequent basis, which is not really helped by the sad state of productivity of my team at the moment (1 guy resigned and his protege is often assign under me, which I DON'T enjoy mentoring). 

I already had a lot of thoughts maybe it's time to find myself another new job, as I already see signs my current job has already run it's full course. I just don't see a future I envision myself with in this team any more. 

My 2016 resolutions: 
  • Resolve team issue or find a new job
    • Focus more on personal goal rather then team goal (1 man can't save a sinking ship unless the other crew play their role)
    • De-attach my personal life from work
  • Start re blog
  • Start a personal programming project
  • Land 1 date
  • 2 overseas vacation
  • Try out 3 new hobbies
  • Finish reading Edward Bono books
  • Improve my facilitation skills
  • Java certification
  • Redesign this blog
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Genting 2015

Dear bloggie,

A long time ago... I visited Genting after I secured my 1st job... Now, 8-9 years down this road I walked, I finally step foot upon the misty hot Genting hill again.

Spelly for some odd reason (probably want to bring his gal here quah) wanted to test his Almera's hill climbing capabilities hence I setup the short trip to Genting. MFR whom has avoided any Monk Inc related trips this few years strangely decided to join us for this trip. Cutting short the long boring trip up Genting, Spelly's Almera managed to scale the Genting hill with not much problem.

Genting Highlands

Well, Genting outdoor theme park is still under renovation hence we spend most of our time in the casino instead. Goh Tong decided to donate to me RM 300 via a few games of Bacarrat. MFR chalked in a RM 200 deficit while Spelly raked in RM 200.

Easy come, easy go as they say... I spent this unexpected windfall by treating the gang for Starbucks and combined with Spelly to treat a dinner at Soon Wah Seafood in Klang (Must try: Watermelon Paikut, Avoid: Sotong Ball Special).

Watermelon Pai Kut

Upon reaching home, I discovered I was supposed to attend an ex-colleague wedding (Didn't receive any official red bomb).

Next day aka today, I decided Goh Tong was gonna buy me a new running shoe which I wanted for quite awhile to replace my ancient New Balance one I been using for the last +4 years.

Bye bye my old friend that ran with me for +4 years

I did a shoe hunting in Sunway Piramid and realized the price of running shoes now day seem f*ckin expensive (All ranged around RM300-500). I managed to spot a a cheap Asics Gel Impression 8 which cost a good RM 265. The color is abit too blackish and reddish for my liking since I really wanted to try a different color palette of red, black and white which my old shoe also had. However the sales gal told me it's a new model and they only had this color. I did search other shoe shops but sadly had only the same color only. A brief moment of hesitation but at last decided to settle for another red, black and white shoe when the sales gal told me they were giving away a free shoe bag at the moment

My shiny black and red new shoe

It's funny really, how fast times flies... and how money seem to come and go...